tirsdag 13. november 2012

A Phone Call Away

Dear, dear friend.

I miss you so much.
You died the third of december 2008.
I think of you every day.
I still have your number on my cellphone. Sometimes I call you. The operator says that the number is not in use.

I have been so sad.
So unbelievable sad.

I am feeling better now.
It’s good to have known you. You made me cry so much when you died.
It's ok to be here again.

So many people are in pain because of their loss. They have a pain that it is impossible for me to understand. Maybe they have a phonenumber on their cellphone too.

How shall they be able to say good bye?
How shall they cry?
How shall they move on?

Holding around each other?
Being held?

Crying a waterfall?
I have made this song called A Phone Call Away
It was scary and so painful to compose it and write the lyrics.

A friend of mine asked me why the song activates all this emotions in me.

I don’t know.
I just don't know.

I hope there is respect and consolation in this song.
A Phone Call Away:
Money from the sale of this song will be given to the norwegian organizatisation for peace of heart: “Hjertefred”. (Meaning “Heartpeace” or Peace of Heart).
Money will be administrated by the board of “Hjertefred” www.hjertefred.no
The song is about 3 min and 46 sec long.
It is possible to download the song for 1$, following this link:
A Phone Call Away
Artist: Skaun
Composer and lyrics: Egil-Arne Skaun Knutsen.
Vocal: Egil-Arne Skaun Knutsen.
Producer and multi instrumentalist: Trond Nedberg DasHit music production, Norway.
Choir: The Great Odinsky.
Harmonica: Sigmund Groven.
Art Work: Nina Havik.

D North Recordings (Indie)

Live performance at Hjertefred Norway 4. nov 2012

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