tirsdag 6. oktober 2015

Time for courage

Last saturday I was in the audience attending comedian Jon Schau´s (picture above) new one man comedy show ”Crazy man back home”. (Norwegian: En gal mann vender hjem)

Jon is a friend of mine and he is norwegian. I choose to write this short text about the show in english because I hope that english comedian, cooperation activist and brave public speaker Russel Brand can get the hold of it and be able to read it. 

I always want the best for my friends so if this show had no impact on me I would not have written about it. I will not lie to my self and others just to brag about a show I dont like, even if it is my friends work.

I really liked it, I laughed and I am still thinking about the content of the show. It was an inspirational eye opener.

Jon is a talented comedian with a lot on his mind. He has a message about the modern society that is insane funny and that really can educate me, you, evil people, money, politics, leaders, religion, greed, desire and unfairness of today.


The reason why Jon calls his show "Crazy man back home" is because he has been off that comedy stage for some years because of serious illness. Actually the doctors on the hospital were he was hospitalized and in coma for 5 weeks concluded him dead twice in 2004, on a tuesday and on thursday the same week. They was about to take him down to the basement for corpses both times. But then his heart started beating again. He died because of heavy alcohol abuse for ten years used to try to cure serious anxiety and to keep him up on that stage doing that comedy. Hard times being funny. He is now writing and speaking about his death experience and he is also rather political. He died and the anxiety and reality as he saw it before he died and the need for alcohol died with him. He has no anxiety anymore witch is rather interesting for me to see as I work as a psychologist. So much anxiety,  just gone with the wind. I also think he has some interesting and different and productive view on things regarding peoples health, politics, way of life, money and so on.  And now, for sure he is back and on the comedy stage as well. Good times.

I think Jon and text writer/ actor instructor  Kåre are brave when they in their insane funny way shows us perspectives on money, on banking, on food production, on IS, on normality, on religion, on conformity, on stupidity, on naivity, and so on.

They must have done a lot of research to make this show.

It is a fun wake up call and I am inspired.

It is time for courage. It is time to do justice, and it is time to stop being naive.

It is time for kindness.

Its time for cooperation.

A while ago I read about a norwegian woman with foreign etnic origin. She is a well known and respected person in norway because she for many years have written and talked about unfair treatment of women in the name of religion. She also have her own story. It made a strong impression on me what I read. She explained why she stopped discussing certain topics in media. The reason was that three men with the same etnic origin as herself came towards her on the street and threatend her and her child rather hard. She wants to protect her child so she do not need to live in fear, like she did. Off course.

I respect that and I understand that. And I also understand that she have been more brave than many, many others. I like to believe that some of here country men and women are proud of her telling her point of view.

She told about being alone. When the night comes you are always alone. And when you are scared during the night you are alone.

She wrote that she has been used to men spitting and calling her a whore on the street because of their disagreements but now they attacked her daughter too.

It is difficut for me to understand what hurts three grown men so much that they feel it is the right thing to do, threatening a child !

I understand and respect that religion is an important issue and I also know that Christians and many western countries (cruisaiders, slavery, exploiting colonies unfairness when it comes to lifestandard, food and water and money) have done and are doing a lot of things that are not kind or just in the name of god and race and money and power and desire and sex.

I do not say that one religion is better than the other.

I just see that there certainly are a dark side with in the humans. George Lucas and his Star Wars or Tolkien with his Lord of the rings and many others are off course trying to tell us something.

It is off course time for everybody to be more kind. And it is time to start a balanced cooperational discussion about culture and religious differences and equality with out to many emotional words.

I saw the new movie Mandela on Netflix the other day. Actor Idris Elba is great at playing Mandela and his integrity and his long walk to freedom. Great movie about a great man.

How is it regarding freedom, human rights and justice tousand years from now?

Better or worse compared with to day ?

Lets all try to find kindness in our heart.

Its time to stop being naive

It is time to find courage enough for fairness.


It is time for cooperation. 

Well. This was some of my thoughts after Jon Schau´s show ”Crazy man coming home”.

I recommend that show.

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